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Jimmy Halfcut; Founder of Halfcut

Episode Summary

In episode 30 we got on stage live at the The Conscious Space event in Sydney and did a live interview with Jimmy Halfcut (I never did get his real last name!), the founder of Halfcut are an organisation that through a series of personal and workplaces challenges (such as wearing half a beard as Jimmy has now for 4+ years) are both bringing awareness to the fact we have lost over half the world's rainforests and half of the biodiversity that goes with it. Their challenges, however, not only raise awareness but the funds raised are used to buy back the rainforest, focused initially on the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland in Australia, the oldest known rainforest (estimated at 180m years old). They then gift the repurchased land back to the Kuku Yalanji bama people in this area who have lived on this land for over 70,000 years who in turn work on the regeneration and management of the land

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