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Prateek Joshi ; CEO of Plutoshift

Episode Summary

Prateek Joshi of Plutoshift: How AI can impact the water and energy use in global manufacturing. In episode 40 we talk to Prateek Joshi about all things data, especially the relationship of data relating to energy, resources, water and chemicals for major manufacturing organisations and their ESG footprint. We uncover the macro trends simultaneously occurring across the cost of inputs and resources and the explosion of low costs sensors enabling the data to power the types of real-time resource optimisation that Plutoshift is using to enable large manufacturers to save millions of litres of water, tonnes of CO2 and chemicals. Prateek tells us how growing up in rural India led him to Silicon Valley and Plutoshift He also provides the simplest and best definition for the terms data, machine learning and AI and their relationship to each other

Episode Notes

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